Typical Project Workflow

Project WorkflowLet me take a few moments to give you an idea about how a development project typically unfolds. This isn’t all inclusive by any means but should help you to understand the process.

  • Initial Contact – we will get together through a client referral or other means of contact.
  • Consultation – we will meet either in person or via a Skype session to do some fact finding. I will discuss your needs, review what (if any) web presence you already have, how you are utilizing social media, what your projected budget is for the project, how you would prefer to maintain the site after it is finished, etc.
  • Platform Selection – we will look at the two most prominent CMS platforms to determine if one of them suits your needs. It could be possible that a basic HTML site might meet your needs. We’ll determine together what system works best for you and is within your budget. During this step, we will also look at site templates which will help to speed up the creation process significantly.
  • Content Creation – this is probably the most important part of the process. The speed at which we wrap things up will have a direct correlation to how fast I get the needed content from you. In many cases, we can use some of your existing advertising materials to get this information. In other cases, you will assign someone in your organization to work closely with me to develop this information. I am a pretty good copywriter but that is not my specialty. It is best if you tell the story of your business and product or service offerings in your own words. It is much more personal that way. I will take what you provide to me and format it in a way to present it professionally.
  • Tweak and Finish Project – as we are nearing completion of the project, we will get together again to look things over and make the final edits. Generally there will be a few after you see the project materialize.

Money Concerns

I hope this gives you a general idea of how I work and what is needed to make the process flow smoothly. Concerning my fees, the cost of completing a project for you cannot be a one size fits all approach. Typically, I work within a stated and accepted quote. After we have determined your needs and you agree to let me do the work for you, I will give you a price quote. I will ask for half of this amount at the start of the project and the rest at the conclusion. This is a simple but effective way to proceed. Your initial payment commits BOTH of us to the project. Of course, if you ask for changes which significantly alter our original agreement as we work through the project, we will need to discuss whether price changes are necessary. Sound fair? Questions?