Site Redevelopment

Site RedevelopmentOk, so maybe you already have a website. However, it is old and the design is dated… sort of like driving an old AMC Gremlin on a highway full of sleek new Audi A6’s. You get the picture. It may be time for an upgrade… an overhaul. Of course, you may not be able to afford a new Audi but I assure you that you can afford to upgrade your website.

Part of the redesign or redevelopment process will be to explain to you what your options are. It may be that you can keep a lot of your existing content and simply give it a facelift, so to speak. Of course, it may be best to rethink what you are presenting to the public and add fresh new content and / or new components to your site. I can assist you with either scenario.

I have personally witnessed situations when an organization saved about $3000 per month after we examined what their were spending for this and that. They were paying for a server rental they they no longer needed… so, after rethinking a strategy to host their website, this was no longer needed. They saved a lot of money! Let me help you rethink things. Questions?