GWC?So… what in the wide wide world of the web IS a general web contractor. Actually, this may not be an original piece of phraseology. It is just a term to describe a concept that I believe most people can relate to.

Think of a “general contractor” in the construction industry. That type of general contractor is an overseer of a job. He (or she) may not actually do all of the work involved in the project at hand. He likely has some people working under his own roof who can do the majority of the job but for unique or specialty facets of the job, he will subcontract specialists in a given field to complete the overall project. Sound familiar?

Well, in a similar way, I can be your general web contractor. I have the ability to do the majority of the job myself. When I design a typical website, I will consult with you, design the graphics, write and alter code, create needed email accounts, train you to do basic edits and additions (if you want me to), etc. Actually, to this point, I have never needed to recruit others to assist me. However, none of us can be all things to all people. For specialty items or unique business needs, I will act on your behalf to recruit other professionals to accomplish those specific tasks. Make sense? Questions?