Consulting ServicesUnless you have done a lot of research on website design, specific platform frameworks, hosting scenarios, and the like… you probably feel a bit uncertain about the how’s and why’s and what if’s that are a part of the development process. Whew! It can be a bit overwhelming!

So, if you simply need someone to consult with about your specific needs… I can help. Think of me as a technology translator. I will do my best to explain things to you in simple common sense terms which will help you to make an informed decision. This also applies to possible financial ramifications. I can tell you that on lots of occasions, people have made decisions which cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars for unnecessary or unproductive resources or services.

If you would like to hire me to consult on an upcoming project or simply help you determine what your next steps should be, feel free to contact me and we will setup a meeting. We might meet in person if you are within reasonable driving distance from West Tennessee. If you are not, we can setup a Skype session and video conference. Questions?