CMS Development

CMS DevelopmentA content management solution used to manage your website is smart, powerful, and gives you room to grow. In the old days, most developers wrote all of their code by hand when they developed a website. Of course, you can still do this but it takes a lot more time when you are working with a lot of content. Plus, you would need to pay the developer again and again to create new areas of your site as you have additional needs. Of course, this is not always a bad thing if the edits are quick and painless.

When you use a content management system, you generally have everything that you need from the beginning. You just need to understand how to add new pages or articles which is a fairly straight forward thing to do. Another BIG advantage to using a CMS is that the two most widely used platforms are completely free. Joomla and WordPress are powerful CMS systems and have a very active group of developers. These platforms can also be extended to provide more advanced functionality and as with the core software platform solutions, many of these extensions are free.

What I would do to help you in this regard would be this… I would demonstrate these two systems to you and allow you to select which one is best for you… the one that you feel most comfortable with. Then I would do all of the techie stuff and set up your site with the software and train someone in your organization to do basic edits and additions. Sound good? Questions?