Church and Non-profit Development

Church and Non-profit workI really enjoy working for churches and non-profits. I suppose it is because my faith is such an important part of my life and I can identify with the mission of the church and the plight of the non-profit. The church is trying to spread Good News about a lifestyle that puts you at peace with God. Non-profits typically struggle to serve others with limited funds at their disposal.

If you are a church looking to use the Internet to promote your service, message, and purpose… I can help you. These days, people utilize the Internet to research most everything and that includes locating a place of worship that meets their family’s needs. I can tell you that your investment in a modern website along with the proper use of social media will enhance your church and give you an enormous audience to connect to.

When I work for churches or non-profits, I take special care to help develop a presence that you will be proud of and at  a cost that you can live with. If your website is a positive addition to your ministry or outreach effort (and I know it will be), then I feel like I am a little part of it from that time on… figuratively speaking, of course. Questions?